A Los Vinateros Bravos

Pipeno Blanco 2018

Moscatel, Corinto, Semillon
  • Colour: White
  • Country: Chile
  • Region: Itata
  • Grape: Moscatel, Corinto, Semillon
  • Style: Aromatic, Fresh, Round, Hazy
  • Bottle Size: 1 Litre
  • ABV:


The old Itata Hills are a fantastic place. The terroir potential for making wines here with special character is terrific, and the way Leonardo Erazo works is to bring that sense of a place into the bottle. This region has a beautiful heritage with historic old vineyards planted over volcanic or granitic soils with a lot to say and tell. A Los Vinateros Bravos want to communicate that message by returning to the artisan methods of organic viticulture, and by means of sympathetic natural winemaking. “We feel like we don’t need to fix nature but rather enhance her capabilities, to enhance her potential. We want wines full of life, vibrancy, tension, freshness and joy”. Farming is organic, the ancient bush vines are unirrigated and since the vineyards are impossible to work with tractors all the work is manually done or with horses. 
A talented young winemaker and viticulturalist with a degree in Agronomy and Enology from the University of Chile, Leonardo travelled the world for ten years to learn about and gain experience in classic and remote wine regions and their diverse terroirs. During this time he studied biodynamic methods in California, soil types in South Africa, and geology in New Zealand, among other adventures. In Itata, Leonardo has worked with the scattered local farmers’ old vines—many well over 100 years, still growing as dry farmed, untrained small bushes—to enhance their traditional natural practices to align with biodynamic guidelines. His mission, throughout this journey, has been to bring a sense of place into the bottle. 

The Pipeno comes from the Guarilihue region of Itata, southern Chile, a climate influenced by nearby Pacific Ocean – 700-1000 mm of rain per year 
Located high on a hill the nearly seventy-year-old bush vines are on marginal granitic soils, very sandy with large quartz deposits. The wine itself is a field blend containing predominantly Moscatel but also other grapes such as Corinto and Semillon, co-harvested and co-fermented in tank with native yeasts. Bottled with minimal intervention in a litre bottle this is a turbid natural tasting wine with a touch of grapefruit, dried spices and a zesty tang. 


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Pipeno Blanco 2018
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