Balazu Bleuet 2015

Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre
  • Colour: Red
  • Country: France
  • Region: Tavel
  • Grape: Grenache, Carignan, Mourvedre
  • Style: Rich, Spicy, Smooth, Intense, Complex
  • Bottle Size: 75cl
  • ABV:


Nadia and Christian are based in Tavel, a strictly rosé appellation so all of their wines are 'hors-appellation' even their rosé based on their blends and techniques. They farm about 5.5 hectares split between the Tavel and Lirac regions and are fully focused on typical local grape varieties (Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan, Syrah, Clairette, Marsanne, Roussane, etc etc).

They are a husband and wife team who do everything together and are entirely committed to biodynamic viticulture. They take it one step further and refuse to use copper, with very minimal amounts of sulphur used in the vines, only if the vintage requires it (no SO2 used in winemaking). They primarily rely on essential oils and herbal preparations to maintain vine health. Interesting fact: they used to be certified by Demeter but left in 2013 as they felt they weren't strict enough.. they are now certified by Nature et Progres.

'Balazu' is slang in local dialect for a troubadour and was Christian's grandfather's nickname, a name which he has also earned for himself being as he used to be a musician. Vaussieres is the name of their road, where the family estate has always resided (Chemin des Vaussieres), and where they tend to their oldest plot - a 95-yr old vineyard.

The winemaking is as hands off as it gets - they own no barrels, everything is made in steel tanks where they let the wines take their time until they feel they are ready to be bottled and then eventually released for sale. They rack only if they have to to keep the wines stable, and never fine or filter or add any SO2.

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Balazu Bleuet 2015
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