Societa Agricola Rabasco

Cancelli Rosato 2019

  • Colour: Pink
  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Abruzzo
  • Grape: Montepulciano
  • Style: Fresh, Delicate, Dry
  • Bottle Size: 75c;
  • ABV:


Iole Rabasco inherited her family’s small vineyard and olive grove, neither of which have ever been treated with chemicals. And she’s taken that blessing and run with it. Her property is nestled in north-central Abruzzo where you have unique meso- and micro-climates. Her 3.5 hectares are located in the village of Pianella, in the province of Pescara, about 40 kilometres from the Adriatic Sea. The base of the Gran Sasso mountain range runs along its western edge.

Almost all of her vines are Montepulciano, but she also has a couple of rows of Trebbiano. These vines, on average, are 40-years-old, and are 450 metres above sea level. Soils are calcareous clay mixed with alluvial sediment and fossil remains. The vines are trained in the traditional tendone-style pergola, and all the work is done by hand. She intentionally keeps her yields low. She prefers, as do we, her wines to have acidity and freshness rather than power and extraction.

No chemicals ever touch Iole’s vines or the wines in her cellar. The Rosato Cancelli is direct press Montepulciano from the Cancelli vineyard site, a bowl that starts at the base of the La Salita slalom run and jumps a small road to climb the gentler adjacent slope. This wine is part of a serious Abruzzo tradition — no skin maceration as is the custom, a fact belied by its electric raspberry hue. In 2016, Iole opted to ferment the rosato in cement and then age in stainless steel (rather than her classic fibreglass damigiana used in years past), producing a super fresh and vibrant wine laced with tension and electricity.

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Cancelli Rosato 2019
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