Cave Verdier Logel

Cotes Forez Volcanique Rouge 2019

  • Colour: Red
  • Country: France
  • Region: Loire
  • Grape: Gamay
  • Style: Soft, Delicate, Complex
  • Bottle Size: 75cl
  • ABV:


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The Côtes du Forez appellation is located between the Loire and Allier rivers in the centre of France. Domaine Verdier-Logel is the leading estate of this small and obscure appellation where vineyards are few and far between. (There are only nine growers and one co-op) The Côtes du Forez hillsides are foothills of the volcanic mountains of the Massif Central and have soils of granite and volcanic composition. Due to the difficult climate only parcels with the best exposition and soils are planted to grape vines. The appellation’s laws mandate Gamay as the sole grape to be used and Verdier-Logel produces separate wines from volcanic soils “Volcanique” and granite soils “Cuvée des Gourmets”. These soils impart a rich earthy fragrance to the wines which combines well with the elegant fruitiness of the Gamay grape.

Their vines used to be from clonal (the practice of selecting a single plant in the vineyard and taking cuttings for propagation) in the beginning; but have now switched to 129rocyamid massale (in which cuttings are selected from many of the best vines) because the domaine had problems with the clones in 1990 when the vineyards fell sick with a vine disease called Esca.

The grapes from the Cuvée des Gourmets, which is grown on granite soils, undergo an eight to ten-day maceration period before pressing. Fermentation takes place in the tank at a temperature of about 30 degrees It is a wine that can be enjoyed with lamb shank, blood sausages, ham or chicken dishes.

The Volcanique itself has wonderful aromas of black raspberries, asphalt and chocolate with that familiar pepperiness on the finish that characterise the Gamays from the Auvergne & Forez. Forez trumps!  

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Cotes Forez Volcanique Rouge 2019
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