Laurent Cazottes

Marcotte Blanc 2018 - Laurent Cazottes - Gaillac, France

  • Colour: White
  • Country: France
  • Region: Gaillac
  • Grape: Mauzac
  • Style: Elegant, Soft, Complex
  • Bottle Size: 75cl
  • ABV:


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Laurent Cazottes is primarily a superb, artisan distiller based in Villeuneuve Sur Vere, Gaillac. As well as making a variety of amazing eaux-de-vies, liqueurs and aperitifs, he also makes a pair of wines from indigenous Gaillacoise grape varieties. These wines are certified organic, made with wild yeast fermentation, and are unfiltered and unfined.

In order to promote the territory, Laurent Cazottes start to collaborate with the winegrowers from his area who share the same philosophy of making wine. It's a special selection of grappes, juices and wines carefully chosen when the vintages are good.

As the wine is made in the vineyard, vinification consists in accompanying the natural processes with as little intervention as possible. No yeasting: fermentation with indigenous yeasts. Long and slow fermentation at low temperature (17°C). Malolactic fermentation not done in order to keep a nice freshness. This wine is not filtered and may have a natural deposit that does not alter its qualities. 

Concerning the appellation, it is a "Vin de France" from a certified organic farming estate, located near the city of Albi, in the southwest of France. The soil is clay-limestone and exposed to the south. 

For the grape variety, we have a mixture of Mauzac and "Loin de l'œil" (Lendelel in Occitan)

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Marcotte Blanc 2018 - Laurent Cazottes - Gaillac, France
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