Pheasants Tears

Rkatsiteli Bodbiskhevi 2019

  • Colour: Orange
  • Country: Georgia
  • Region: Kakheti
  • Grape: Rkatsiteli
  • Style: Spicy, Herbal, Complex, Hazy
  • Bottle Size: 75cl
  • ABV:


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Pheasant’s Tears estate vineyard plantings flow down the slopes of the eastern Georgian Kiziqi province overlooking the
Alazani Valley and snow-capped Caucasus Mountains. The site itself is located near the village of Tibaani in the shadow of
the 6th century monastery of St. Stephen. The terroir here is special, with long summer sunlight of over 14 hours a day and
evenings cooled by the breeze from the gorge. The soil is composed of limestone, chalk and dark clay on the surface, whilst a
metre deep lies a sandy loam mixed with gravel, providing excellent drainage for the vines’ root systems. Gela, and Malkhaz
grew up in a farming family learning from their grandparents and parents how to grow grapes and make wine in 308lumies.
In 2007 they approached John to help with investment and to be a bridge to the outside world in order to enable the wines to
reach more wine lovers that wanted an authentic Georgian wine, they were saddened, that there were too many big wineries,
with winemakers detached from the land and from Georgian traditions. They saw an 8,000-year-old tradition with hundreds
of autochon varietals under the threat of becoming internationalised and homogenised.
Gela’s desire is to preserve the traditional winemaking techniques that have made Georgia a home for viticulture since 6,000
BC. A combination of high-quality soil and diligent vineyard care helps achieve the quality of fruit necessary to create these
traditional but elegant wines combined with the commitment to organic principles (which started with the purchase of the
Saperavi vineyards in 2007 which has subsequently been certified), are essential practices both protect the land from misuse
and harsh chemicals and also to help develop the rich terroir that is reflected in each of the wines. The variety of soils include
those from Tibaani: brown carbonate, and stony with limestone mixed in; Bodbiskhevii, black carbonate soil over sand;
Manavi: yellow sand with pink quartz and Kartli/ Mukhrani which features mainly limestone and brown carbonate with sand
found at 30 cm beneath the surface.
Pheasant’s Tears are also committed to seeking out rare indigenous varietals and bringing them to market. Georgia has over
500 species of grape, many limited to tiny micro-regions at specific elevations and most unfamiliar even to the knowledgeable
Georgian wine consumer. This rich heritage is in danger of being lost entirely, relegated to DNA databases and laboratory
experiments. Qvevri were the first vessels ever to be used for wine fermentation, with archaeological finds dating back to
6000 BC. Qvevri are clay vessels lined with beeswax and completely buried under the ground where the temperature stays
even throughout the year, allowing the wines to ferment in the natural coolness of the earth. Pheasant’s Tears’ qvevris vary in
age but some date back to the mid 19th century. The cellar is built in the vineyard itself to minimize the damage to the grapes
in transportation, allowing harvesting and process before the heat of the day takes effect. In accordance with Georgian
traditional winemaking methods, the ripest of stems are added to the grape skins, juice and pits, for both reds and whites. The
maceration time depends on varietal and the size of the qvevris and varies between 3 weeks and 6 months.


The Rkatsiteli is
from thirty year old vines, fermented naturally for thirty days with wild yeasts in clay Georgian pots buried underground. The
wine is neither filtered nor fined and only a touch of sulphur is added at bottling. Golden amber in the glass with a nose of
wild honey, but dry, and unexpectedly, full-bodied in the mouth with background notes of walnut and apricot. Rkatsiteli will
stand up well with roasted chicken or more exotic fowl like duck or quail. As the great wine connoisseur, Dolph Lundgren,
says PT Rkatsisteli is “the strangest, toughest, most ass-kickin’, car blowin’ up wines of all.”

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Rkatsiteli Bodbiskhevi 2019
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