↳ Fabien Jouves / Mas del Perie

France, Trespoux-Rassiels

Mas de Périé is run by the young Fabien Jouves, located on the Haut Plateau south west of Cahors in Trespoux Rassiels. The soil here is complex clay and 'Quercy' limestone, a brilliant white limestone that is soft and very permeable. There are pockets of gravel producing wines with freshness and clarity. There are also areas of 'Sidérolithique', a complex blend of sand, chalk, clay, and mineral; where this is found the wines develop more complex deeper tones. The vines are managed along biodynamic principles. Fruit is handpicked and selected at the winery prior to fermenting in old oak and concrete depending on and maceration is usually by pigeage (pushing skins back down into the jiuce) for around 30 days. The resulting wines are neither filtered or fined, and Fabien’s 5 years in Bordeaux have lent him the skill to manage the tannins extremely well.

The wines have two distinct characteristics. First they are as pure as can be, with a direct expression of the land and grape variety, focussed and balanced whilst still portraying the classic deep inky Cahors style. Second, these wines are drinkable. They have freshness, life and restraint. They will age, but to drink them now is best. How many Cahors can you say that of?

Fabien is world famous for his Mas del Perie wines, and he also has his own side project producing wines which not only have the ultimate thirst quenching characters, but have a message to give. These wines are produced with limited maceration (time on skins), no added SO2 and are typically Vin de Soif (quaffing wine) made for drinking in the year after harvest. Stick them on your drinking list whilst you can - they tend not to stick around for long!