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Wine Freedom

Wine Freedom is a new wine language, no intimidating chat, no bourgeois bollocks.  

We're about what really matters; flavour, authenticity and the fascinating stories inside the bottle.  

Over 90% of wine these days is engineered ‘coca cola’ juice.  We know consumers want a more authentic experience, so we do cleaner drinking; less chemicals and more 🍇.  

Wine the way it's supposed to be.






↳ Winemakers we love 

Ancre Hill / Monmouth Wales

Tillingham / Sussex England

Davenport / Sussex England

Arndorfer / Kamptal Austria

Eschenhof Holzer / Kamptal Austria

Andert Wein / Burgenland Austria

Judith Beck / Burgenland Austria

Franz Weninger / Burgenland Austria

Joiseph / Burgenland Austria

Gut Oggau / Burgenland

Vincet Caille + Le Fay d'Homme / Loire France

Domaine de l’Ecu / Loire France

Domaine Cheveau / Burgundy France

Chateau de Bel / Bordeaux France

Chateau Le Puy / Bordeaux France

Mouthes Le Bihan / Cotes du Duras France

Mas del Perie + Fabien Jouves / Cahors France

Camille Braun / Alsace France

Domaine de la Graveirette / Rhone

Christophe Muret / Languedoc France

Le Soula / Rousillon France

Domaine de l’Horizon / Rousillon France

Thörle / Rheinhessen Germany

Staffelter Hof / Mosel Germany

Atelier Kramar / Brda Slovenia

Burja / Vipava Slovenia

Ovum / Orgeon USA

Bow & Arrow / Oregon USA

Minimus / Oregon USA

Ruth Lewandowski / California USA

Gentle Folk / Adelaide Hills Australia

Patrick Sullivan / Adelaide Hills Australia

Koerner / Clare Valley Australia

Vinteloper / Adelaide Hills

Jamsheed / Yarra Valley

Blank Bottle / Western Cape South Africa

AA Badenhorst / Swartland South Africa

Mother Rock / Swartland South Africa

Smiley + Terracura / Swartland South Africa

Blacksmith / Swartland South Africa

Testalonga / Swartland South Africa

Intellego / Swartland South Africa  

Pheasants Tears / Kakheti Georgia  

Zurab Topuridze / Guria Georgia

MAAL / Mendoza Argentina  

A Los Vinateros Bravos / Itata Chile

Alfredo Maestro / Ribera del Duero Spain

Adegas Entre os Rios / Galicia Spain

Jose Antonio Garcia / Bierzo Spain

Alta Alella / Allela Spain

Vidal Soblechero / Rueda Spain

Loxarel / Penedes Spain

MAR7 / Jerez Spain  

Vale da Capucha / Lisboa Portugal

Antonio Camillo / Tuscany Italy

Ca’Ed Balos / Piemonte Italy Cascina

Cascina Borgatta / Piemonte Italy

Radikon / Venezia-Giulia Italy