Domaine de Beudon

Riesling x Sylvaner 2016

Riesling, Sylvaner
  • Colour: White
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Region: Valais
  • Grape: Riesling, Sylvaner
  • Style: Aromatic, Smooth, Off-Dry
  • Bottle Size: 75cl
  • ABV:


Domaine de Beudon is owned by Marion Granges with the support of her daughters and grandchildren. Marion is an ambitious woman, passionate about agriculture, her heritage and home; she began her career as a horticulturist then found her way into viticulture. 

Marion’s husband Jacques, who sadly passed away in 2016 after a bad fall in the vineyards, purchased the property in 1971, the year before they married. A small family farm, located on the steep hills of the Swiss Alps, it can only be reached via cable car or on foot. The 6 hectares of vines are nicknamed the “vineyard in the sky” which is unsurprising when you learn they are located at an altitude of up to 890 meters above sea level! 

The local village is Fully, which is located in the Canton (State) of Valais close to the French border. Winemaking has been a long standing form of agriculture in this region due to the influence of the Rhone river that flows through it. Steep slopes are a great advantage in cooler vineyards sites and here the slopes are STEEP! As a result everything has to be done by hand; the rocky, granite soils aiding drainage and providing warmth for the vines.

The property gained organic certification in 1989 and then biodynamic in 1993. Marion is determined to see all of Valais convert to organic and biodynamic before she leaves this world stating “...nature makes everything for us. We have everything at hand”. 

Domaine de Beudon understands and respects the time and care essential to farming ecologically. All their land is farmed biodynamically, wines are made using wild yeasts and fermentation is spontaneous and slow, usually producing wines of lower alcohol. The varieties are a mixture of those indigenous to the area including: Riesling, Sylvaner and Petite Arvine. The whites are clean and complex with a great balance of aromatic fruit and nutty undertones. The red’s a little more understated, light and perfumed and with a much more meaty, savoury character on the palate. All wines are bottled unfiltered. 

Produced in tiny quantities, is it rare to get your hands on these incredible wines from such a dedicated family, in such a wild location!

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Riesling x Sylvaner 2016
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