Domaine Costeplane


  • Colour: White
  • Country: France
  • Region: Languedoc
  • Grape: Vermentino
  • Style: Fresh, Delicate, Aromatic, Dry
  • Bottle Size: 75cl
  • ABV:


biodynamic agriculture allows the vines to express themselves perfectly. Ripe and alive, biodynamic grapes are the source of the quality of Mas de Costeplane wines.
In the vineyards, we use biodynamic preparations based on natural products and medicinal plants (herbal teas, decoctions, liquid manure, horn dung, silica). These preparations promote the development and resistance of our vines. In the cellar, it is the yeasts present in the bunches that lead the fermentation. Yeasts from our region, they characterize us and depart from the standard of commercial yeasts. According to the lunar cycles, we avoid touching the wine during the lunar nodes and select the bottling dates according to the days allowing to sublimate our cuvées.
The inputs for the vinification are extremely limited and supervised, letting all the character of the terroir express itself in the bottle. Working in the cellar requires great precision, as the error cannot be remedied by chemical devices.

Our approach is to live in harmony with the surrounding nature. As soon as possible, we look for symbioses. Thus, in the spring, the sheep come to mow the grass in our vines, the wood is maintained by Dill, Papouille and Hugo, our three donkeys, whose manure fertilizes our hedges. In the vines, we bring horse manure from the neighboring farm and use the flowers of the leeks from the vines as a natural repellent against cochylis (bunch worm). Another aspect of our approach, intuition guides us in our choices. The complexity of nature cannot be mastered, but it can sometimes be felt. The vines speak to us, we must know how to listen to them. And my faith, too bad if we do not fill up every year. Maybe they need so much rest each year. In any case, they offer us, each year, sincere wines that we are proud to make you taste.

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